Saturday, February 07, 2009

Betting On Failure

If there was ever a more blatant kick to the groin of the American public it would be the obstructionist ways of the Republican Party. Suddenly the Jobs-Stimulus package is too expensive and there is this great concern for the debt being left to the next generation.

Where were these same assholes as the national debt was being doubled under George W. Bush? Where were they when our biggest unnecessary spending program - The Iraq War - started draining our Treasury? Why did they vote for non stimulative tax cuts for the very rich that sent us from a surplus to a deficit? Why are they yet again demanding that tax cuts be a large part of the current stimulus bill when all facts show that they did nothing to avoid our current mess? These people sicken me. They are playing ppolitics with your life. They are betting on failure.

They are betting that the economy will worsen and that the public will blame President Obama setting the stage for their resurgence. Ask yourself if this sounds like we are all in this together. The American middle class is being destroyed before our eyes and they are not only not helping to stop it, they are hoping that it happens.

As their hero Rush Limbaugh stated when talking about President Obama, "I hope he fails". If President Obama fails then we all fail. There policies got us where we are today but they want more of the same. They want even more redistribution of whatever wealth is left to their rich benefactors at the expense of the middle class and poor. They want us all to fail. I heard it with my own ears. It is time for us to band together and take this country back from the special interests that have brought us to our economic knees. Its time to thin the herd of those that would grant themselves million dollar plus bonuses while laying off workers. Its time to vote out lawmakers who are hoping for failure.

These people make me sick and they should sicken you too. Don't sit back and do nothing. You could be the next one on the unemployment line being marched out the door past the man in the corner whose bonus came as a result of your firing.

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