Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Not Just The Blue Collars Jobs Anymore

For a long time college educated people felt that the rush to outsource jobs did not effect them. They felt secure that the accounting and operational jobs simply had to stay within the United States. With the invention of the internet and the ease at which you can communicate worldwide that assumption has been turned on its head.

Middle Class jobs in accounting, operations, graphic design and customer service are leaving this country in alarming numbers. Once again the multi-national corporations (please do not call them American companies) are searching for the lowest labor costs. English speaking, highly educated people can be found in India, the Philippines and other nations. The middle class jobs in manufacturing do not even require the ability to speak English which makes the entire world a possibility for factory relocation. If we can't stop this flood of jobs leaving our shores how can we ever recover our current financial disaster? Our standard of living is falling and there seems to be nothing to stop this slide to the bottom.

Are protectionist policies the answer? In short I would say that some form of protectionism is needed or soon we will see lines around the block for an available opening at McDonald's. We were told that free trade was the answer. What they didn't tell us was that free trade was not necessarily fair trade. How is it that what limited goods we produce here are taxed in the form of tariffs in other countries yet those same countries send goods to the United States without such tariffs? How can we possibly compete with countries that pay their workers dollars a day with no benefits? In short the answer is we can't under the current situation.

These same companies shipping our jobs overseas are also using every available loophole to avoid paying taxes to the United States. Why these companies are even allowed to operate within the United States is beyond me and why Americans continue to patronize them is an even bigger mystery.

The Middle Class is dying and nothing is being done to stop it.

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