Friday, April 24, 2009

Pakistan Near Collapse?

With suicide bombers killing scores in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan near collapse, the policies of George W. Bush are coming home to roost. Had he not decided to start a war with Iraq long before September 11th and had instead concentrated on getting those who attacked us we would not be looking at the real possibility of those loyal to Osama Bin Laden taking over a nuclear armed Pakistan.

How can anyone still defend the Bush administration. They destroyed our standing in the world and left a world more dangerous than the one they found. Many members of this administration should be trading cigarettes for their lives in a maximum security prison. The mess these criminals left behind will be with us for a generation. We must as Americans demand they be held accountable and must look under every rock for the truth no matter what that truth tells us. Its time for the Obama Administration to make an example of these crooks.

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