Friday, December 21, 2007

Greedy Insurance Co. Denies Treatment - Girl Dies

This is what happens when we allow insurance companies to dictate medical decisions.
A 17-year old died just hours after her health insurance company reversed its decision not to pay for a liver transplant that doctors said the girl needed.

Nataline Sarkisyan died Thursday night at about 6 p.m. at University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center. She had been in a vegetative state for weeks, said her mother, Hilda.

"She passed away, and the insurance (company) is responsible for this," she said.

Nataline had been battling leukemia and received a bone marrow transplant from her brother. She developed a complication, however, that caused her liver to fail.

Doctors at UCLA determined she needed a transplant and sent a letter to CIGNA Healthcare on Dec. 11. The Philadelphia-based health insurance company denied payment for the transplant.
It is time to stop for-profit insurance companies from making any medical decisions. People are dying so that insurance company executives can earn their million dollar salaries.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

US Foreclosure Filings Up 68 Pct in Nov.

The housing market just continues to decline.
U.S. homeowners increasingly failed to keep up with their home loan payments in November, as the number of foreclosure filings surged 68 percent nationwide compared with the same month a year ago, according to a mortgage research company.

In all, 201,950 foreclosure filings were reported last month, compared with 120,334 in November 2006, Irvine-based RealtyTrac Inc. said Wednesday.
I predict the housing market and subsequent economic decline will be the number one issue in the 2008 Presidential campaign and that can only spell doom for the Republican nominee.

It is hard to run on failed economic policies and even harder when you still beleive in the same policies that got us into this mess.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bush Says Economy Is Sound

Once again Bush can not see what is right in front of his face.
President Bush worked to reassure Americans on Monday about the economy but said "there's definitely some storm clouds and concern" because of the nation's credit crunch and mortgage problems.

"But the underpinning is good," Bush told business and community leaders at a gathering of Rotary Club members.

"We've had a pretty good economic run," the president said in a speech intended to show he is aware of the public's edgy mood these days. Consumer confidence has eroded as turmoil in the housing and credit market have battered the economy.

Bush tried to position himself as an advocate for working families by taking aim at his favorite target: the Democratic Congress.

"The Congress cannot take economic vitality for granted," Bush said.

"The most negative thing Congress can do in the face of economic uncertainty is to raise taxes on the American people," Bush said.
The one trick pony of tax breaks is all this fool has. It is his economic policies that have pushed our national debt to over $9 trillion dollars and forced the federal reserve into a juggling act to keep us out of a severe recession.

He neglected to tell this crowd that lower interest rates and a falling dollar are a prescription for disaster. How can you finance your debt and ask those that finance it to accept so little return if not a loss on their money. That is the economic legacy of this moron. The chickens are about to come to roost and its going to get very ugly.

Lieberman Endorses McCain

I hate to say I told you so but....
Sen. Joe Lieberman is crossing party lines and endorsing Republican Sen. John McCain for president.

"Being a Republican is important. Being a Democrat is important. But you know what's more important than that? The interest and well-being of the United States of America," the Democrat-turned Independent said in announcing his decision Monday morning in New Hampshire.

"Let's put the United States first again, and John McCain is the man as president who will help us do that," he said.

Lieberman, the Democrats' vice presidential nominee in 2000, said the next president needs to "break through the reflexive partisanship that is poisoning our politics today and stopping us from getting anything done in Washington."
This is what the Democratic Senators, who helped this war mongering ass keep his seat after he lost his primary, get for their troubles. This is also a slap in the face to Connecticut Democrats who he told he wanted to see a Democratic President in 2008.

This man cares about no one but himself and to those Connecticut Democrats who though he was decent and honorable and voted to allow him to keep his seat, the joke is on you.