Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pawlenty Talks Out of Both Sides of His Ass

How can Tim Pawlenty be considered a serious candidate when he is pandering to the Tea Party in one statement then facing reality in the next.
Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty urged congressional Republicans on Sunday to not vote to raise the debt ceiling when the matter is considered in the spring.

But in a sign of how knotted the debate has become, the likely presidential candidate suggested that lawmakers pass additional legislation to prevent the government from defaulting -- the exact purpose of raising the debt ceiling in the first place.

"They should not raise the debt ceiling," Pawlenty said. "I believe they should pass legislation that would allow them to sequence the spending as revenues come in to make sure they don't default. And then have a debate about what other spending could be reduced."

The problem with this logic is exactly what gets cut? Why is it that they are allowed to keep using Social Security as a place to cut when Social Security has a surplus and can pay out 100% of benefits for the next 29 years? So are we going to cut Medicaid for the poor? Food stamps for the hungry? All while advocating tax cuts for the wealthy who are creating jobs in India and China and not the US?

Why is it that these people are not called out for their hypocrisy? Ronald Reagan TRIPLED the national debt and no one said a word. George H.W. Bush helped as well then came President Clinton and a balanced budget and the largest surpluses in our history and the first time in the modern era that national debt was being paid off. Then came George W. Bush who exploded the debt all while fools like this remained silent. Where was the outcries over TWO wars that were not on in the budget and unpaid tax cuts?

Why is it that these Republican politicians feel the need to pander to the Tea Party instead of giving them actual facts? This would be the same as a Doctor telling a patient he knows has a liver condition that he has irritable bowel syndrome because that is what the patient believes. What is even scarier is that fools like this are willing to treat the irritable bowel syndrome instead of the liver condition and sit by while the patient worsens.