Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Floridians Realize They Hired A Crook

I hate to say I told you so but anyone with any sense would have seen this coming. Why would someone with no prior interest in politics but a real interest in ripping people off want to be the Governor of a struggling state? It seems his own financial enrichment was the real goal.
Oh! And he basically crafts policy for the sole purpose of personal enrichment. If there's one word that could account for Scott's dramatic fall from -- we hesitate to use the word, but, okay -- "grace," it is Solantic. That's the name of Scott's post-HCA company, a chain of urgent care facilities in which he had a $62 million stake.

But rather then divest himself of the company, he shifted his share to his wife, a move that met "the letter of Florida ethics laws, if not the spirit."

He then set about crafting policy designed to ensure that Solantic would do very, very well:

Scott and Florida Republicans are currently trying to enact a sweeping Medicaid reform bill that would give HMOs and other private health care companies unprecedented control over the government health care program for the poor. Among the companies that stand to benefit from the bill is Solantic, a chain of urgent-care clinics aimed at providing emergency services to walk-in customers.
You see he doesn't care how unpopular he is or if he gets a second term. Hhe will have ripped off the citizens of Florida and laughed all the way to the bank. This is what low information voting does and the scary thing is that this is happening all over the country. The goal is to keep the electorate at home or too stupid to make a good decision. So far the goals are being met and this country is in real danger of becoming a third world nation.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Assault on the Middle Class Continues

The new Governor of Michigan is proving to be more of an asshole than in neighboring Wisconsin. You wonder what he is thinking when he cuts off unemployment after five months when most people are unemployed for longer than six months.
There is no valid reason why keeping federally-financed Extended Benefits in place in Michigan should require a permanent reduction in the 26 weeks of unemployment benefits paid in our state’s UI program," Rick McHugh, a staff attorney with the National Employment Law Project, said in a statement. "The Governor’s actions today mean that Michigan will be the only state paying less than 26 weeks for their maximum duration of benefits in the U.S. Michigan has paid 26 weeks of benefits since 1954."
Why Michigan, which has suffered so much at the hands of outsourcing and trade policies that guarantee an unfair playing field , would elect a tea party Republican is a mystery. I would hate to say I told you so but......