Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Other Nations Criticize US Gun Laws

In the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre, editorials throughout the world are critical of the liberal gun laws that most people around the world blame for the excessive gun violence in this country. I have never understood how we as a nation can tolerate so much gun violence when in countries with strict gun laws this is simply not an issue.
Britain's 46 homicides involving firearms last year was the lowest since the late 1980s. New York City, with 8 million people compared to 53 million in England and Wales, recorded 590 homicides last year.
When will parents grow tired of burying their children so young? When will we stand up to groups such as the National Rifle Association and say enough? Of course stricter gun laws will not stop all the killing but if you follow the example of European countries it would most assuredly be significantly lower. It is amazing that our leaders talk about a culture of life while presiding over so much death.

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