Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are The Walls Finally Closing in For Bush on Iraq

With the 2008 elections looming large the White House is having a hard time keeping Republican support for a war that is wildly unpopular.
A majority of senators believe troops should start coming home within the next few months. A new House investigation concluded this week that the Iraqis have little control over an ailing security force. And House Republicans are calling to revive the independent Iraq Study Group to give the nation options.

While the White House thought they had until September to deal with political fallout on the unpopular war, officials may have forgotten another critical date: the upcoming 2008 elections.
The Republicans are more concerned with saving their jobs then they are about the death and destruction that has destroyed Iraq.

The situation has grown progressively worse yet they have stayed with the President. It is only when they see the real possibility of losing their jobs that they decide staying with the President may not be such a smart political move.

Call me cynical but people have been dying in Iraq daily while these people stayed silent. It is only the possibility of losing their day jobs that have moved them to take action. It will be fun to watch as Republicans eat their own in a desperate attempt to distance themselves from this war.

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