Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gay Tolerance at Record Levels

Gay Tolerance in US at near record levels.

Today, 57 percent of the American public believes homosexuality should be sanctioned as an acceptable alternative lifestyle – the highest the Gallup Poll has recorded since 1982. Also indicating higher tolerance, 59 percent of Americans believe homosexual relations should be legal.
This report should make many heads in the religious right explode. This report should also make many in the republican party nervous. They count on gay issues to bring out their base. If that base shrinks it can only hurt the party. Many middle class people vote against their own best economic interests based on strong opposition to gay rights and other social issues. Each social issue lost to the party is a loss in votes.

The worst news for the GOP in this report is the views of younger Americans who now solidly support gay relationships. It is good to see that Americans are showing the tolerance that has made America the great country that it is.

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