Thursday, July 26, 2007

Special Prosecutor for Gonzales

A group of Senate Democrats on Thursday called for a special counsel to investigate whether Attorney General Alberto Gonzales perjured himself during Capitol Hill testimony.
At a news conference, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York said he and other Democrats wanted to look into "potential perjury" by Gonzales during a hearing on Tuesday.

"His inability to answer simple and straightforward questions was just stunning," Schumer said. "Instead he tells the half-truth, the partial truth and everything but the truth."

It's the latest salvo in a dispute regarding President Bush's domestic surveillance program. On Wednesday night, the Justice Department said Gonzales "stands by" Senate testimony that appeared to contradict a memo about a White House meeting with congressional leaders in 2004.
Finally someone is holding these criminals to account. Alberto Gonzales is the most corrupt Attorney General in my lifetime and needs to be removed. How can we trust the Justice Department if its leader is under such a cloud? He lies with impunity and seemingly with no remorse.
It is time for the American people to be shown that the rule of law does matter and prosecute the Attorney General for perjury.

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