Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Taking Stock On The Fourth Of July

Today is a day for reflection on what it means to be an American. I love this country and I am fearful for its future. Once recently someone told me that "America is Great because it is good" and I agreed. What happens when America is no longer good? It will cease to be great.

That is the current dilemma facing this nation. Will we go back to the days when we were known for our genousity and leadership or will we remain a rogue nation in the eyes of the world. Our new status in this world is the result of the most disastrous presidency in our history. Will we show the world through our actions that we, the American people, are also disgusted with what we see and want wholesale change or will further embrace the militarism that is America today?

My hope is that we will return to a country known for good and then we will return to being a nation known as great.

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