Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Incomes Rise But There Is A Catch

The nation’s median household income grew modestly in 2006, the Census Bureau reported yesterday, even as the percentage of people without health insurance hit a high.
Experts said the rise in income was mainly a reflection of an increase in the number of family members entering the workplace or working longer hours. Average wages for men and women actually declined for the third consecutive year.
Of course the Republicans are using this data as proof that their economic policies are working.
Some Republicans seized on the new data as evidence that Bush administration policies had been good for people’s pocketbooks. In a statement, President Bush said the news was a sign that Congress should not raise taxes. The data, he said, confirmed “that more of our citizens are doing better in this economy, with continued rising incomes and more Americans pulling themselves out of poverty.”
Only these fools would look at these statistics and see something wonderful. Average wages down for the third straight year and they consider this progress? Economic policies like this are the reason I started this site. The middle class is being told their lives are better than ever while they are working more than ever. Just 20 years ago a one wage earner family was common. That is nearly impossible now and this is called progress? If you are working more and making less, thank a Republican.

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