Monday, September 24, 2007

Violent Crime Is On The Rise

Violent crime in the United States rose more than previously believed in 2006, continuing the most significant increase in more than a decade, according to an FBI report released yesterday.
The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program found that robberies surged by 7.2 percent and homicides rose 1.8 percent from 2005 to 2006. Violent crime overall rose 1.9 percent, substantially more than an increase of 1.3 percent estimated in a preliminary FBI report in June.

The jump was the second in two years, following a 2.3 percent rise in 2005. Taken together, the two years represent the first steady increase in violent crime since 1993, FBI records show.

The uptick presents a significant political challenge for the Bush administration, which has faced growing criticism from congressional Democrats, big-city mayors and police chiefs for presiding over cuts in federal assistance to local law enforcement agencies over the past six years.
This is just another in a long list of consequences of electing Mr. Bush. War is expensive and cuts in assistance to local law enforcement can be directly tied to the rising crime rates. Can anyone think of one benefit to this nation of having had a Republican Congress and Republican President for the past six years? Unless you are a contractor like Halliburton or Blackwater I would say the answer is no.

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