Monday, November 05, 2007

Pakistan - The Most Dangerous Nation On Earth

While this administration brings us closer to war with Iran our buddy Musharraf moves closer to a dictatorship.

This is just more of our insane foreign policy coming home to roost. Am I the only one who doesn't understand how we can invade the country of one dictator but financial support others? I have been writing since the inception of this blog my belief that Pakistan is the world's most dangerous nation. This weeks events prove me right.
Musharraf imposed emergency rule in Pakistan on Saturday, saying the suspension of his country's constitution was made necessary by the growing threat of terrorism and out-of-control judicial activism.

By imposing a state of emergency, Musharraf suspended Pakistan's constitution and put elections that had been scheduled for January on indefinite hold. Press freedoms have been curbed and independent television stations taken off the air.

Bush said Monday he recognized the threat Musharraf faces from extremists, citing past attempts on Musharraf's life, but said the emergency measures "undermine democracy.
Bush telling others how they are undermining democracy while he institutes the most undemocratic measures here at home is laughable.

Our foreign policy has been a disaster under this administration and the situation in Pakistan is just the latest example. Pakistan is a nuclear armed nation on the verge of violent civil strife and our resources are so stretched that all we can do is sit by and hope for the best. That is foreign policy Bush style. He is the worst President ever.

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