Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Republican Debate: My Observations

The "You Tube" debate was more interesting for what it did not touch on then what it did. The questions seemed tailored for a neanderthal crowd but hardly touched on issues that are truly relevant to middle class Americans.

Where were the questions on health care? Where were the questions on the outsourcing of jobs? What about the fact that Americans are working longer and harder but are still falling further and further behind? The reason those questions were not asked should be clear to all. Those are not Republican issues. They simply could care less about the economic health of the middle or lower classes. We simply are not their base. You might ask why then do so many middle class Americans get tricked into voting for Republicans and against their own best interests. The answer is simple, they rely on prejudice and fear and it works all too often.

Gays, Guns and God are what propels these people. It always amazes me that those who claim to have God in their lives can be so hateful. They seem consumed with hatred and fear. Is that the way you want to live your life? In large part the middle class has been responsible for their own destruction when they voted based on hatred and fear.

Will the middle class be fooled again in 2008? The Republicans are already trying to use fear and hatred to garner votes and it was evident in last nights debate. We must hate gays, Muslims and of course the brown undocumented workers. We must fear the terrorists who want to "follow us home". This is their platform and they are sticking to it. Not one of those on that stage last night are fit to serve as President of the United States. Most are not fit to serve as the local dog catcher.

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