Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitt Romney Wins Michigan But Why?

I am becoming increasingly concerned that a large percentage of Americans are really too stupid to be voting. Michigan, which has the highest rate of unemployment in the United States, decided that Mitt Romney was the best Republican candidate to handle the economic crisis.

Are these people aware that Mitt Romney made his fortune by buying up companies, selling the assets and laying off the employees? I understand the clown car that is the Republican candidates leaves much to be desired but to pick the one person whose history is so blatantly anti labor makes you wonder if these people even understand the political process.

Our economy was destroyed by greed and stupidity and the people of Michigan decided to award the greediest and stupidest candidate in the woeful bunch. Way to go Michigan.

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Unknown said...

The Michigan Primary was a fiasco with a poor turnout. The Democratic primary awarded zero delegates, the Republicans got half - punishment by the RNC and DNC for moving the primary up.

Romney's father is well-remembered here. I think many Republicans think McCain, though they like him, is just too old, as was Bob Dole.