Thursday, August 14, 2008

John McCain and George W. Bush

They try to say Barack Obama is a risk. Well this is not a risk its a certainty that the policies of the Bush administration would continue under McCain.

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Anonymous said...

The section 8 program was set up in a way to actually help irresponsible people live in established neighborhoods. What I am about to discuss may see so simple but please think about it in terms having a healthy neighborhood.
The section 8 payment goes directly to the landlord. This by passes the tenant of the responsibility of passing on to the landlord the house rent. If the section 8 payment went to the tenant It would give irresponsible tenants a chance to "screw up" and spend the money before they pay the rent. People who are screw ups usually cause other problems in the neighborhood anyway. Instead of paying the section 8 payment to the landlord why and enabling an irresponsible tenant to stay in the neighborhood for months why not give the tenant a change from the start to fail. This way the tenant can be kicked out of the section 8 program early and this saves decent neighborhood members from the tenants poor choices such as drug dealing, excessive alcohol use and domestic violence that affects surrounding neighbors. Would you want to live next door to a tenant who is not responsible enough to pass on the rent to their landlord ?

Another part of the Katrina tragedy was the relocation of the no account welfare people who came to Augusta GA from New Orleans. Has anyone else in other areas had similar experiences ? The last thing that Augusta GA needs is more section 8 housing and people on public assistance. I am not knocking all of them but about a third are riff raff. About 30 % of the section 8 people are dope dealers or their customers who destroy neighborhoods. See Clean Up Harrisburg Video at :