Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Does Sarah Palin Share the Views of Her Church

It seems her church feels Israel being attacked by Palestinians is justified.
After several months of scrutinizing Barack Obama's former place of worship, reporters are now taking a close look at Alaskan churches frequented by presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

As the Huffington Post reported earlier Tuesday, Palin addressed a gathering at the Wasilla Assembly of God, asking them to pray for oil pipeline development and "God's will" in Iraq. Meanwhile, the Boston Herald and Newsweek have both identified Wasilla Bible Church as the Alaska Governor's most recent church. And it was at that Bible Church where a recent guest described a Palestinian attack on Israeli citizens as part of God's judgment coming to pass on Earth -- an analysis likely troubling both to Jews, as well as to mainstream foreign policy analysts.
This woman was not vetted at all. She was simply picked because she was a woman and she was extremely pro-life. The Republicans felt Hillary supports would support Sarah Palin just because they both have vaginas. John McCain had six months to pick a Vice President and this is what he came up. This was a purely political pick with no regard to the country he says he puts first. If you want more pain vote for McCain.

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