Thursday, May 03, 2007

Diplomats Returning From Iraq With PTSD

State Department employees serving in Iraq are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder just like soldiers. These employees, who seldom leave the fortified green zone, hear daily gun fire and frequent mortar and rocket fire.
U.S. diplomats are returning from Iraq with the same debilitating, stress-related symptoms that have afflicted many U.S. troops, prompting the State Department to order a mental health survey of 1,400 employees who have completed assignments there.
Imagine what is happening to the children of Iraq who are seeing bloodshed and violence on a daily basis. Our troops who make it out alive and physically uninjured will come home mental casualties of this war. The administration chose to cut Veterans Benefits which will be even more needed by our returning soldiers. How can anyone believe them when they constantly insist they support the troops yet cut the very funding necessary to help the troops? The cost of this war will be over 1 trillion dollars and a generation of mentally damaged troops. What a disgrace!!

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