Friday, May 04, 2007

Tommy Thompson - It's OK TO Fire The Gays

It seems every election cycle that the Republicans, in order to please the far right elements that control the party, will use gay bashing as a campaign tactic. In last night's debate Tommy Thompson, the former Governor of Wisconsin, said that it was OK to fire gays if the employer had a moral issue with homosexuality.

Watch the video here.

Gov. Thompson is it OK to fire Muslims, Jews, African Americans or catholics if you are Evangelical Christian? We all know that our current laws prohibit that but is OK to fire Gays and Lesbians in over 30 states in this country. Gov. Thompson you are a bigoted, small minded fool and the very reason why the Employment Non Discrimination Act needs to be passed. The 2008 campaign is here. Let the gay bashing begin.

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