Thursday, May 17, 2007

Giuliani Is Wrong

Rudy Giuliani got into a heated argument with Ron Paul during the Republican debate for President when Mr. Paul suggested that it was United States policies that caused the attack of 911. Giuliani who has made a fortune off of 911 and who offers nothing else as a qualification for his candidacy, struck back with the usual talking points of them hating us for our freedom. This argument is so tired and easily dispelled that its a wonder anyone still invokes it. Why not Canada, Sweden, Italy or any number of other countries that enjoy the same freedoms as we do? This is the simplistic argument for those too dumb to research the real reasons or too ideologically predisposed to explore any other possibilities. I am in no way saying that the attack of 911 was warranted but to believe in such a simplistic view of the reason for the attack makes the likelihood of another even greater. How can we fight what we won't even try to understand. Understanding does not mean condone or accept but until we know the reasons why people are willing to die in order to hurt us, this will never stop. We will live in a perpetual state of war. Rudy Giuliani is worth millions as a result of his image after 911.

Mr. Giuliani should put his money where his mouth is and donate half of his net worth acquired since 911. There are 40,000 sick first responders from 911 who could use just a portion of the millions he has earned as a result of this horrible incident. Many of those sick fault Giuliani for allowing them to work in unsafe conditions. There are others that feel he knew the dangers and did nothing. He is considered a security expert when it was his decision to place the NYC emergency command center in the World Trade Center Complex which was bombed previously in 1993. It is time for the 911 halo to be removed from his head. It has no place there.

In this clip he blames Democrats for 911. He really is disgusting!!! Without 911, he would be just be the former unpopular mayor of NYC.

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