Monday, May 14, 2007

Senator McConnell: If Iraqi Government Asks Up to Leave We will Leave

Senator McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, said during a CNN interview that if the Iraqi Government asked the U.S. to leave that we would leave.
BLITZER: And if they're not going to do what they need to do, what happens then?

MCCONNELL: Well, the Iraqi government is a huge disappointment. Republicans overwhelmingly feel disappointed about the Iraqi government. I read just this week that a significant number of the Iraqi parliament want to vote to ask us to leave.

I want to assure you, Wolf, if they vote to ask us to leave, we'll be glad to comply with their request.
I hate to be the first to tell Senator McConnell but a majority of the Iraqi Parliament did vote for us to leave. The vote may have been non-binding but it did show that the Iraqi Government now believes that the U.S. presence in their country is helping to fuel the violence. If Mr. McConnell is being truthful then he needs to immediately call for the withdrawal of U.S. troops. It is time to get regional cooperation to end the violence which means negotiating with Syria and Iran who have a vested interest in seeing that the war does not become a regional conflict. There are no good options left in Iraq and its time to come home.

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