Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bush Compares Iraq To Vietnam

President Bush, laying the groundwork for next month's critical debate in Washington over the Iraq war, said Wednesday that his surge policy was "gaining momentum" and called for American perseverance and patience.
In a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Bush drew parallels to U.S. experience in Asia, saying steadfastness against critics of U.S. policy in Japan and Korea in the post-war years led to blossoming democracies and thriving economies in both countries.

"The advance of freedom in these lands should give us confidence that the hard work we are doing in the Middle East can have the same results we have seen in Asia — if we show the same perseverance and sense of purpose," he said.
This man is a complete moron. The similarities between Iraq and Vietnam can be summed up in one word "Quagmire". The lessons of Vietnam were ignored in Iraq. Even Dick Cheney in 1994 could see the debacle of invading Iraq.

This is the latest attempt for the United States to keep up the game of whack a mole that we are playing in Iraq. This is also an attempt to focus the blame for loss of the war on the next President. The President is willing to sacrifice the lives of our soldiers to escape the ultimate blame for the disaster that is Iraq. That alone should be grounds for his impeachment.

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