Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Iraq Disaster Continues

The Iraqi government will become more precarious over the next six to 12 months and its security forces have not improved enough to operate without outside help, intelligence analysts conclude in a new National Intelligence Estimate.
The report says that Iraqi Security Forces, working alongside the United States, have performed "adequately." However, it says they haven't shown enough improvement to conduct operations without U.S. and coalition forces and are still reliant on others for key support.

The findings could provide support for the Bush administration's argument that coalition forces need to stay in Iraq in order to avoid letting security lapse, should they withdraw from certain areas.
This report will embolden the Bush administration as it tries to gain support for a continued presence in Iraq. Although the assertions within this report are most likely true, when will there be an improvement in the situation within Iraq. At this rate we will be there forever, but I think that was the goal anyway. We set the fire now we must stay till the fire is out. Since the Sunni-Shiite conflict has lasted for hundreds of years that would mean this conflict will not end in my lifetime.

What we have set in motion in Iraq will reverberate for generations. It is not just a huge foreign policy blunder it is a human catastrophe started by a moronic President of the United States. The blood on his hands will never historically be washed off.

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