Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bush: No Bailout for Pinched Homeowners

President Bush said Thursday concern should be shown those who've lost their homes but it's not the federal government's job to bail them out.
"Obviously anybody who loses their home is somebody with whom we must show an enormous empathy," Bush said. Asked whether he would champion a government bailout, Bush responded: "If you mean direct grants to homeowners, the answer would be `No, I don't support that.'"
Too bad these homeowners aren't corporations. If they were they would be given tax breaks. I don't know what more Americans need to hear from this imbecile. Our infrastructure is crumbling, the middle class is being decimated and corporate taxes as a portion of Gross Domestic Product is one of the lowest in history.

Why is it OK for a corporation to dump your pension but its not OK for the government to help its citizens in distress? Wake up America. Corporations are running our government and the results of that fact are destroying our nation.

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