Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Republican Hypocrisy, Closet Cases and Racism

This story has had me laughing for days. What is it with these Republican closet cases? You need a notebook to keep up with these hypocrites. This excuse was the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time.
Fear of the "pretty stocky black guy" who turned out to be an undercover cop made Florida state representative Bob Allen perform the actions that led to a charge of solicitation to commit prostitution, Allen told police in documents aired by the Orlando Sentinel.

Allen was arrested July 11 in a Titusville, Fla., public park restroom after he offered the officer $20 to let him perform oral sex, police said.

The charge, a second-degree misdemeanor, is punishable by a year in county jail and a $500 fine. Allen says he is innocent and that he will not resign from the legislature. He did resign late last month from the board of the Girls and Boys Town of Central Florida, cable TV station Central Florida News 13 reported.
So when you see a "pretty stocky black guy" and get afraid of the big black man it is normal to offer him a blow job? Come on folks I am sure this isn't Allen's first time at the rodeo so to speak.

This would just be funny if Representative Allen hadn't used his political position to help stop gays and lesbians from adopting in the state of Florida.
Soon after taking office in 2001, Allen was one of 21 Florida legislators to sign Gov. Jeb Bush's friend-of-the-court brief supporting the state's ban on gays adopting children.

In March he cosponsored an unsuccessful bill that would have enhanced penalties for "offenses involving unnatural and lascivious acts," such as indecent exposure.
Too bad that the enhanced penalties was never enacted. It would have been poetic justice to have his own law cause him enhanced penalties.

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