Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bombing Hits Parliament In Iraq

A bomb went off in a cafeteria in the Parliament Building in Baghdad deep within the heavily fortified Green Zone. If the US military can not stop bombings even in the Green Zone what hope is there that this surge can actually work? With the US military death toll climbing and tours of duty extended when will the Generals finally turn on this disaster?
A bomb exploded in the Iraqi parliament's cafeteria in a stunning assault in the heart of the heavily fortified Green Zone Thursday, killing at least two lawmakers and wounding 10 other people.

The blast in the parliament building came hours after a suicide truck bomb blew up on a major bridge in Baghdad, collapsing the steel structure and sending cars tumbling into the Tigris River, police and witnesses said. At least 10 people were killed.
Iraq is in a civil war and nothing is going to change that militarily. I for one am tired of all the death and destruction. I often wonder how President Bush can sleep at night with so much blood on his hands.

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