Thursday, April 12, 2007

Four Years Later In Iraq

Todays NY Times Editorial is a sobering look at what four years of occupation in Iraq has brought to the US military as well as the Iraqi population. With tours of duty extended to 15 months for troops and our military at the breaking point and even the Shiite population turning on the occupation. Is there any hope left in Iraq?
Even among Shiites, who suffered so much at the hands of Saddam Hussein and who are the supposed beneficiaries of Mr. Maliki’s shortsighted policies, there is a deep disillusionment and anger. This week, a Washington Post reporter interviewed Khadim al-Jubouri, who four years ago swung his sledgehammer to help knock down the dictator’s statue. Mr. Jubouri said that ever since he watched that statue being built he had nourished a dream of bringing it down and ushering in much better times.

Now, with friends and relatives killed, kidnapped or driven from their homes, the prices of basic necessities soaring and electricity rationed to four hours a day, Mr. Jubouri says the change of regimes “achieved nothing” and he has come to hate the American military presence he once welcomed.
This is what happens when you go to war based on lies. Americans wonder why the Iraqi population is not grateful. Can you imagine having to live under the conditions these people have had to bare for four years? Read the rest of this editorial here.

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