Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Carnage In Iraq Continues

As the US keeps telling its citizens that the surge is working, evidence continues to mount that all the surge has done is move the violence to other areas. Our game of wack a mole with the lives of Iraqi civilians continues. Today Karbala was the scene of a massive car bomb that killed 36 while 289 deaths were recorded throughout Iraq.
Two months into the U.S.-led Baghdad Security Plan, at least 289 people were killed and injured across Iraq on Saturday, including 36 dead in a car bomb attack in the holy Shiite city of Karbala. The carnage of a crowd teeming with women and children set off an angry mob of hundreds against the governor and police.

The morning bombing outside a bus station and marketplace ripped through vendor stands near a Shiite shrine where the grandson of the prophet Mohammed is buried.

Bodies littered the street and body parts were found as far as 160 yards from the site of the explosion. Three buses of passengers were charred and storefronts lay in shambles.

At least 167 people were injured in the bombing, but the death toll was expected to increase because of still-unidentified bodies and serious injuries, said Saleem Kadhim, spokesman for the Karbala health directorate.
How can President Bush sleep at night knowing that his actions have led to such an unmitigated disaster? This is his war, he owns it and all of its consequences. How can anyone realistically say that the Iraqi population is better off now than they were under Saddam Hussein? As much as I want our troops home what hell will we leave behind for the innocent population of Iraq? It is becoming very obvious that the only way peace will be achieved is through a diplomatic solution that may not even exist. In the end Iraq will be led by another strong man and all this death, destruction and misery will have been for nothing. Our troops who were not seriously wounded or killed will face a lifetime of emotional scars. Even when you win a war you lose.

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