Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Still Support This Surge?

President Bush said when the Iraqi's stand up then the U.S. will stand down. All the surge has done is increase the U.S. military dead in Iraq.
A devastating suicide car bombing on Monday killed nine American soldiers and wounded 20 others near a patrol base in Diyala Province, the military announced early today.

It was one of the most lethal suicide bomb attacks on American troops in Iraq. Another occurred on Dec. 21, 2004, when a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest walked into a mess tent on an American base in Mosul and detonated his charge, killing 14 United States soldiers.
Today on CNN Rep. John Murtha said "I think the surge has failed. I think there was no possibility that it was going to work."

How much longer will the American people stand by, nearly silent to the growing carnage in Iraq? When will they finally and unequivocally tell the President enough is enough?

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