Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tolerance Is Controversial

In Indiana a teacher has been disciplined after allowing an article in the school newspaper which asked for tolerance for homosexuals. She was disciplined because all controversial articles need to be cleared through the principal.
The agreement she signed includes a written reprimand that says she neglected her duties as a teacher and was insubordinate in refusing to obey school officials' orders.

Sorrell said she is "very proud" of Megan Chase, the student who wrote the editorial calling for tolerance and acceptance of gays, and the Tomahawk's other writers and editors. But she said she could not financially afford to fight the school district over her discipline.
After reading this article I became extremely angry. Since when is tolerance controversial? Are we still living in America when a teacher who advocates tolerance for all is disciplined? I would guess that if the article was about how homosexuality was against the bible she would have been given a salary raise. This is disgusting on every level. When will our so called Christian nation finally realize that Christianity on its most basic level is tolerance and love. The American Taliban strikes again.

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