Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Are The Democrats Caving?

There are multiple reports that the Democratically controlled Congress will be sending a new war funding bill that will not include timetables for withdrawal from Iraq.
Party officials said Monday the next war spending bill most likely will fund military operations and not demand a time line to bring troops home, although it will contain other restrictions on Bush's Iraq policies.
I can understand the desire to make sure that the troops in the field are funded but the prior bill funded them completely. It was President Bush who vetoed that bill and put the safety of the troops at risk. Giving the President what he wants will do nothing to help end this disaster. The Democrats were put in control of both houses of Congress to get us out of this war. They need to stand firm and understand the American people are with them. If they roll over and play dead, to a President with the lowest approval ratings in a generation, they will cease to be relevant.

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