Monday, May 21, 2007

Gas Prices Continue To March Higher

Hold onto your wallets folks. The oil companies want more.
U.S. retail gasoline prices climbed to another record Monday, while crude oil futures were little changed amid concerns that domestic refiners are not producing enough gasoline to meet peak summer demand

A gallon of regular unleaded costs an average of $3.196 (84 cents a liter), up from $3.178 on Sunday, according to AAA and Oil Price Information Service. Prices are up 33.7 cents a gallon (9 cents a liter) from a month ago and 30.4 cents from a year ago, as demand remains strong, and a spate of planned and unexpected refinery shutdowns have constricted supply.
Why exactly are the refineries closing? Why don't they produce more when they are open? This is a deliberate attempt to further profit margins for the oil companies. When will Americans demand higher mileage standards? I am in Brazil and see thousands of small cars not sold in the United States made by American car companies. Why aren't these cars available. Its time to demand answers to these questions.

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