Friday, May 11, 2007

Chicken From China?

Thousand of pets are dead as a result of poor standards by China. They deliberaltely allowed melamine, which is a runoff from coal, into products used in pet food. Now China wants to send us chicken.
In China, some farmers try to maximize the output from their small plots by flooding produce with unapproved pesticides, pumping livestock with antibiotics banned in the United States, and using human feces as fertilizer to boost soil productivity. But the questionable practices don't end there: Chicken pens are frequently suspended over ponds where seafood is raised, recycling chicken waste as a food source for seafood, according to a leading food safety expert who served as a federal adviser to the Food and Drug Administration.

China's suspect agricultural practices could soon affect American consumers. Federal authorities are working on a proposal to allow chickens raised, slaughtered, and cooked in China to be sold here, and under current regulations, store labels do not have to indicate the meat's origin.
Why would this even be considered? What American companies stand to make a huge profit feeding us bad chicken? Eat up!!!

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