Monday, May 07, 2007

Middle-Class Life Under Bush: Less Affordable and Less Secure

Some sobering statistics from the Bush years:

Health care Costs up 80% since 2000
Gas Prices have doubled since 2000
College Education Costs are up 44% since 2000
Housing Affordability has hit a 15 year low
Median Household Income has Declined $1273.00 from 2000
Worst Job Creation record Since Herbert Hoover
3 Million Manufacturing Jobs Lost since 2000
Unemployment has increased 7.1 percent and long-term joblessness has nearly doubled.
The Gap Between Rich and Poor has Grown
The Poverty Rate has grown 12% since 2000
Budget Surplus of 236 Billion turned into huge deficits
National Debt Increased three trillion dollars since 2000
Trade deficit has doubled since 2000
Additional 1.1 trillion more debt to foreign nations since 2000

If this is what they call success I would hate to see what they call failure.
Read the rest of the statistics, and the research to back them up, from the Democratic Policy Committee here.

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