Monday, May 07, 2007

Giuliani The Choice Of Gay Republicans

It appears that Rudy Giuliani is the choice of Gay Republicans in the crowded Republican field for President. The problem I have is that the Republican Party makes bashing Gays a major part of their platform and some gays still support them. How can you openly support a party that does everything it can to limit your rights?
David Keeton, a small-business owner in Dallas, and his partner, Rob Schlein, said they supported Giuliani because of his record as New York mayor and his response to the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

"I'm an American first, then a Republican second, and gay falls in third or fourth," said Keeton, who wore a Ronald Reagan pin on his lapel.
People like Mr. Keeton make me sick. How can you be so stupid as to say being gay is third. Will your being Gay ever change? Being Gay is an innate part of who you are. Is your relationship worth less than a heterosexuals? Why are willing to give up your self respect to be part of a party that at its core does not want you? I believe Gay Republicans are like the battered women who can't seem to break free from their abuser. What makes it worse is the financial support that they also provide.
Both said they recently met former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at a fundraiser and had their picture taken with him. They were offended when Romney told the crowd that he opposed gay marriage and civil unions.

"We're part of the Republican Party, but he just alienated people who had paid $1,500 for a table," Keeton said.
Mr. Keeton, you stupid fool, they all oppose gay marriage and civil unions and you just gave them $1,500.00 to advance their prejudicial views. Nice going moron.

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