Monday, May 07, 2007

National Guard Equipment Not in Kansas But In Iraq

The Governors of many states have been voicing their concerns that states would not have the tools necessary to respond to natural disasters due to national Guard equipment being sent to Iraq. Those fears became reality over the weekend as a huge tornado devastated a Kansas town.
"We’re missing about half of our trucks from the National Guard units,” Sebelius said. “Clearly trucks to haul this debris away would be enormously helpful. We are missing flatbeds. We are missing Humvees, which are used to get people to safety and security and to haul equipment around. We are missing a number of our well-trained National Guard personnel. The equipment that we continue to harp on that has been sent overseas when our troops are deployed and not restored at the same level could be enormously helpful.”
With tornado and hurricane season upon us, can we really afford to be so badly prepared at home?

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