Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Musharraf's Political Longevity Doubtful: US Analysts

Analysts in the US have expressed doubt whether Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf will be able continue his regime for much longer, which they feel would come as a stinging blow to Washington in the war against terrorism.
'There is the potential rosy Pakistan next spring, with some sort of negotiated relationship where the military feel reasonably comfortable with a new civilian government,' he said, adding, 'But that is if we get that far. For the Chief Justice issue crisis, the political debate, the street protests that have been associated with that, people are raising questions about Musharraf's stability in a way that I have not quite heard before.'

Another analyst Spencer Ackerman says that both within the US intelligence community and in Pakistan, there's a growing belief that Musharraf's days are drawing to a close- and possibly within the next few months.
What would a new goverment in Pakistan look like? The Pakistani people are vehemently Anti-American and Islamic fundamentalists operate freely in many parts of the country and they already possess nuclear capabilities. If the goverment falls into radical hands they could overnight become the most dangerous nation on earth.

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