Monday, June 11, 2007

U.S. Arming Sunni Insurgents in Iraq

The U.S. military is arming Sunni Insurgents if they promise to fight al Qaeda.

When I first heard this I thought this can't be possible but it is. Have we learned absolutely nothing from our years of arming the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan?
American commanders say they have successfully tested the strategy in Anbar Province west of Baghdad and have held talks with Sunni groups in at least four areas of central and north-central Iraq where the insurgency has been strong. In some cases, the American commanders say, the Sunni groups are suspected of involvement in past attacks on American troops or of having links to such groups. Some of these groups, they say, have been provided, usually through Iraqi military units allied with the Americans, with arms, ammunition, cash, fuel and supplies.
Most of our troops have been killed by Iraqi insurgents. What is to stop them from turning our own weapons on our soldiers. This administration is criminally negligent and should be removed.

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