Thursday, June 14, 2007

Palestine on the Brink of Civil War

The recent fighting between Hamas and Fatah has brought the Palestinian Territory close to an all out civil war.
President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah faced the further collapse of his power in Gaza today as fierce fighting continued and Hamas fighters took over the headquarters of Fatah’s Preventive Security forces in Gaza City.

Aides to Mr. Abbas say he is expected to announce an “important decision” later today. He is under pressure from within Fatah and from his Western allies to suspend participation in the so-called unity government with Hamas, which began in March, or to declare a full state of emergency.

Hamas forces consolidated their control over much of Gaza on Wednesday, taking command of the main north-south road and blowing up a Fatah headquarters in Khan Yunis, in the south.
This is another casualty of the Iraq War. The Bush administration has neglected the Palestinian issue and this is the result. They encouraged the Israeli-Lebanon conflict which destabilized Lebanon and resulted in the current fighting within that country. The failed Bush policies could soon result in three civil wars within the region. Those civil wars will further damage United States interests in the region and put Israel at risk. This is the worst case scenario coming true.

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