Monday, July 30, 2007

Brazilian Immigrants Heading Home

Illegal immigration is one of the major issues facing our nation. How we solve that issue is one of the pressing problems of our times. I have always felt that any solution must include economic fairness back in the home countries of the immigrants. This article shows the growing trend of Brazilian immigrants heading home.

Why are they heading home? It is not one simple answer but a large part of it is the growing economy back in Brazil that has left the value of the dollar lower and the monies made in the United States worth less back home. They have decided that it is not worth leaving their families and risking deportation in order to work in the United States.

If we want to have the same effect on Mexican immigrants we must force the government of Mexico to institute policies that will result in greater economic fairness. As long as the money being earned in the United States will feed their families back home we have no hope of solving this problem. They will find a way into the country if it means the survival of their family.

I think this report shows that we can solve this problem and that we can solve it humanely. Border security coupled with economic fairness back in the home countries will being to reap benefits. Brazil has seen an economic rebirth and it is this rebirth that is the fueling the return of these immigrants. No one wants to leave their families for the uncertainty of life as an illegal immigrant within the United States. It is for most the last resort. Lets follow the example from Brazil and pressure Mexico to enact real reforms.

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