Saturday, August 04, 2007

Senate Approves Temporary Spy Bill

At first glance I became very angry that the Democrats would cave into administration pressure regarding updates to the FISA law. As I read further it became clear this is just a temporary measure as details are hammered out on a permanent bill.
The bill "will give our intelligence professionals the essential tools they need to protect our nation," said White House spokesman Tony Fratto. "It is urgent that this legislation become law as quickly as possible."

Senate Democrats reluctantly voted for a plan largely crafted by the White House after Bush promised to veto a stricter proposal that would have required a court review to begin within 10 days.

The Senate bill gives Bush the expanded eavesdropping authority for six months. The temporary powers give Congress time to hammer out a more comprehensive plan instead of rushing approval for a permanent bill in the waning hours before lawmakers begin their monthlong break.

The Senate vote was 60-28. Both parties had agreed to require 60 votes for passage.
We must keep up the pressure to ensure any permanent bill does not weaken civil liberties for US citizens. The Bush administration can not be trusted and must be carefully monitored.

If you give up liberties for security you will wind up with neither.

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