Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Democrats Look To Impeach Gonzales

After repeatedly lying under outh to Congress, the Democrats are looking to impeach Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.
Congressman Jay Inslee will introduce tomorrow a resolution calling for impeachment of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, according to a statement from his office. Inslee, a former prosecutor in Selah, has lined up other former prosecutors in Congress to join as co-sponsors. As of this afternoon he had five co-sponsors.
Finally some real action on Mr. Gonzales. He has lied with impunity from his confirmation hearing forward. How can we have a Justice Department run by a liar?

He has thumbed his nose at the law and Congress for too long. Letting him keep his job sends the message that lying to Congress will be tolerated. Maybe this impeachment resolution will finally force Mr. Gonzales to resign.

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