Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hillary Hits Back At Cheney

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday accused Vice President Dick Cheney of falsely portraying her attempt to get Iraq planning information out of the Pentagon.
The Democratic presidential front-runner has been hammering at the Bush administration for two weeks since a top Pentagon aide refused to tell her whether or how the military was planning for the eventual withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.

In a letter to the vice president, she accused Cheney of offering "inaccuracies" in opposing her request.

She used even tougher language in an appeal sent to supporters of her presidential bid: "I couldn't care less what Dick Cheney says about me. But when he plays politics with the lives of our troops, you had better be sure I'm going to respond. And I know that you want to respond too."
Hillary Clinton did not ask for specific military plans, she simply asked if plans were being readied for troop withdrawal. That is a more than legitimate question and one that should have been asked a long time ago. The Pentagon chose to question her patriotism.

That is the motus operandi for these freaks. It is always the first response to criticism of their policies. It is good to see a Democrat hitting back hard at this rubbish. True support for our troops includes not sending them to a needless war and when it is necessary to send them you must have a real plan for both victory and withdrawal. The Iraq War has been a disaster since day one, probably because it was the wrong war at the wrong time.

Dick Cheney was a draft dodger and him questioning anyone about their patriotism when he said he had other things to do during Vietnam is hypocrisy at its highest level. The puppet master Cheney is a soulless monster clearly out of touch with reality.

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