Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rudy Is Such An Asshole

I am so tired of hearing this worthless blowhard spout his nonsense. Today we got to hear his words of wisdom on healthcare, global warming and illegal immigration.
"The American way is not single-payer, government-controlled anything," Giuliani said. "That’s a European way of doing something. That’s a, frankly, a Socialist way of doing something."

"If single-payer systems are cracking all over the world, why would we do it in America. Michael Moore wants to take you to Cuba for your health care. Anyone want to sign up? I didn’t think so. Maybe the Democrats will sign up."
What is Giuliani's health plan? He wants to give tax breaks, like the tax break will somehow make the family of four earning $30,000.00 able to afford the $1,000.00 monthly premium. He had other pearls of wisdom dripping from his worthless mouth.
He said he can solve global warming in five to 15 years and would end illegal immigration in a year and a half to three years. “I give ourselves 18 month to three years to accomplish it,” he said.
I am sure that Al Gore must be burning up the phone lines to Rudy to get his secret to solving one of the great issues facing the world and in just 5 -15 years. When can we expect to see Rudy outline his plan for illegal immigration on Lou Dobbs Tonight?

Rudy is a hack who has made his fortune as a result of 9/11. It is the lowest form of blood money. Rudy will say anything to get elected President. His own children find him questionable.

Michael Moore posted this video in response to the Giuliani comments:

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