Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lessons of the Day

Today I hope most Americans finally realized that this war will never end as long as the Republicans can continue to stop the vote. Today we learned that an up or down vote on confirming conservative hacks for the Supreme Court is necessary but that doing everything humanly possible to avoid an up or down vote on ending this war is just another day at work for these freaks.

As more and more of our brave soldiers are killed in the endless quagmire called Iraq please remember that these Republicans and Joe Lieberman (just switch parties already Holy Joe and make it official)have the blood of every single additional soldier lost on their hands. Had they just followed their own stated principles of an up or down vote the end of the war could have been in sight. Instead more will die, our deficit will grow and we will be considered pariahs in the international community.

2008 can not get here soon enough.

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