Monday, July 16, 2007

Pakistan Tries To Salvage Militant Truce

The government sent tribal elders to meet with militant leaders in Pakistan's lawless northwest frontier Monday in an attempt to salvage a cease-fire renounced amid a series of suicide attacks and bombings, officials said.
Islamic militants at the weekend disavowed the 10-month-old agreement in North Waziristan and launched attacks that killed 73 people — most of them soldiers and police recruits.

The truce had reduced violence in the region, but critics like the United States argued it only allowed extremists to grow stronger in the Taliban and al-Qaida stronghold — and plan more attacks on U.S. and NATO forces across the border in Afghanistan.

Akram Khan Durrani, the top elected official of North West Province, said that failure of the peace deal would have "dangerous consequences."
Without a truce it becomes more likely that the current government will fall to militants. The United States, while being critical of the truce, should understand that the alternative could be a Taliban like government with nuclear capabilities.

I have written extensively about Pakistan and my feeling that it is the most dangerous nation on earth. Unfortunately it is not on every nightly newscast. The American people need to understand that while our government makes a case to attack Iran, the situation in Pakistan grows ever more bleak.

We are witnessing the total collapse of an intelligent American foreign policy under this administration. The so called neocons of this administration are not looking at Pakistan but Iran as their next great heist. Maybe we should try to convince them that Pakistan is loaded with oil. I am sure that would get their attention. Don't say I didn't warn you when you wake up and hear the news that the government of Pakistan has fallen. If you think we have trouble now just think of the possibilities of a nuclear Pakistan under a rogue Taliban supporting government. Iraq will look like a day at Disney in comparison.

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