Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pakistan Suicide Bombings Kill 36

I have been writing about Pakistan nearly daily as I see it to be the most dangerous nation on earth. This article does nothing to change that opinion.
Suicide bombers hit a convoy of Chinese workers in southern Pakistan and a police academy in the north, killing 36 people and wounding 54 in the latest violence in the week since the army stormed a mosque held by Islamic extremists.

Suicide attacks, bombings and shootings blamed on Islamic extremists and a bloody army siege of radicals in Islamabad's Red Mosque have killed about 270 people in Pakistan so far this month, stirring doubts about the country's stability.
The instability in Pakistan can be directly attributed to the resurgence of al-Qaeda. Why was al-Qaeda allowed to strengthen? The answer is simple. Pakistan is yet another casualty of the War in Iraq. Should Pakistan fall to the terrorists, which becomes ever more likely with each additional bombing, the world will need to act. Iraq will look like a day at Disney World if the worst case scenario comes true. Everyone needs to remember that had the Bush administration kept up its fight against al-Qaeda instead of starting the Iraq War this situation may very well not have happened. The Pakistani security forces are known to sympathize with radical Islam and Pakistan was the only governemnt that officaly ackknowleged the Taliban. When your friends tell you how we are safer now than we were before please explain to them about Pakistan.

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