Friday, August 17, 2007

California Ballot Initiative Could Stop A Democrat in the White House

Everyone needs to read this post from Senator Barbara Boxer.

This is the most dangerous attempted proposition ever proposed for California. This would apportion their electoral votes based on vote count. It would no longer be winner take all, but unless every state adopted the same proposition it would make it nearly impossible for a Democratic candidate to win the presidency in 2008 and possibly longer.

The electoral college needs to be eliminated and we need to go to a system of one person, one vote but it can not be in just one state. This is a real attempt to hijack democracy and one that the Republicans will push hard to pass. Every progressive in America needs to stay informed about this proposed ballot initiative and do everything in their power to see it fail. The Republicans can not win on merit so they want to resort to rigging the system. Spread the word especially to voters of California.

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