Saturday, August 18, 2007

Iranian Guards Vow to 'punch' U.S.

Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards said they would not bow to pressure and threatened to "punch" the U.S., in their first response to Washington's plan to list them as a terrorist organization, newspapers reported Saturday.
Local press in the Iranian capital of Tehran quoted Revolutionary Guards leader Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi saying that he could understand Washington's ire toward the group because of their "leverage" against the U.S.

"America will receive a heavier punch from the guards in the future," he was quoted as saying in the conservative daily Kayhan. "We will never remain silent in the face of U.S. pressure and we will use our leverage against them."

There was no elaboration on what Safavi meant by the punch or the organization's "leverage."

Washington has accused the Guards of supporting militias and insurgent groups attacking U.S. forces in Iraq -- charges Iran denies.
The question I have is why is the Iran's Revolutionary Guard listed as a terrorist group by the Saudi Arabian government is not? Who is supplying the Sunni insurgents with the financial and military support to kill our troops? It is certainly not the Iranians. Where did 15 of the 19 hijackers come from on 9/11/01?

This is more smoke and mirrors from this administration that wants war with Iran. Am I the only one that finds it extremely hypocritical for Vice President Cheney to seek military action against Iran after doing business with this supposed terrorist country, in violation of U.S. law when he was the head of Halliburton?

The Iraq war is a business deal gone bad and now we are going to repeat the same mistake but with whose children? Certainly not the war mongers. Wake up America. It is time to rid our government of these criminals.

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